Surfboard Repairs

We offer a full repair service for your surfboards.

Whatever you are riding we’ll get it back on track if you ding it up.

Often we find that surfers tend to procrastinate over fixing their owns boards and equipment. This can easily lead to problems that can become harder and more expensive to fix.

Remember it’s a solid investment and once your board is open to soaking up water the performance will drop quickly and dramatically!

So, whether you have smashed a fin out, dinged it up on a reef, snapped it or creased it, give us a buzz to get a quote and some advice.

0800 927 873 (Freephone)
027 255 2651 (Mobile)

Your Coach

Hi, my name is Mark Perana and I would love to be your coach.

No matter if you are a beginner, aspiring to be a surfer or you are more advanced and want to improve on those tricks – you have come to the right place.

In my past I had the honor of coaching top level surfers, judging national surfing events and even did some successful competitive surfing myself holding several NZ titles.

Have a look at the different packs I am offering and if you need something individual – just contact me and we will cater something up.

Hope to see you soon!

Contact Details

West Coast Surf
0800 927 873 (Freephone)
027 255 2651 (Mobile)

299 Tauranga Bay Road,
Westport, West Coast
South Island, New Zealand